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Readers are requested to furnish any information they may have to help in Mr. Swamy's research efforts.

Subject:  Bahadur Shah,his grandsons,Etheem Shah&Haatheem Shah--Ealur Dargah.



Respected Kamaruddin sir! Namaskarams.


Krishnaswamy from Coimbatore.


As I had phoned you up,sir,on the detail of a family of Bahadur Shah,his grandsons  Etheem Shah&Haatheem Shah having become martyrs in their war for Tipu Sultan against the British East India Company;I had the opportunity to visit the Ealur village in Kuttagam panchayat of Avanashi taluk in Coimbatore district,a couple of times and found the Bahadur Shah Waliullah Dargah Sharief,Ealur quite old;with an Idgah Palli  1 km away in a fascinating backdrop!


In a direction indicator to the remote village and the Dargah,a wall-hanger reads,in Tamil,  "Mahan Hazrat Syed Malangusha Bava Mahan Hazrat Syed Insha Inayatullah"- Way to Dargah...


I, along with a correspondent of THE HINDU newsmagazine are working on an article on the Tipu connection the ancestors of the Maulvi Abdul Gani would have had. In fact, tracing the generations past of his,Maulvi Abdul Gani's father,Abdul Hameed, Adam Shah, Roshan Ali Shah and their relatives all lived here in 7 bastis.And covering an area of 3 sq km, agricultural lands were endowed with the 100-odd  Muslim families in Ealur,in the past.They are Sunni Muslims for sure.Maulvi Abdul Gani has in his possession a talwar,about 2.5 feet in length,with a clean hilt,seemingly a cavalryman's,but the sword is rusted,broken at the tip and any insignia seems to be either covered by rust or is not there.

Can you,sir,try and find out if the 3 Shahids,Bahadur Shah,Etheem Shah,Haatheem Shah are recorded in any records/archives/family history?


And smaller cenotaphs or samadhis of Mohammad Shah(possibly a local commandant,they say),Hassein Shah and a certain Dr.Nooruddin Shah are also present inside the Dargah premises. Rabiathul Basiriamma,Mariam

Beeviamma,Kulsum Beeviamma, Noorani Beeviamma also have their cenotaphs or samadhis there.This Dargah is possibly inspired by the Erwady Dargah even as the

Maulvi claims their family antecedents to Erwady. They are Deccani Sunni by classification,he says.


Is there any chance that these families would have had allegiance to the reformist/revivalist Shah Waliulah of mid-18th century fame from Avadh/UP?

And would they be the families related to Ahmedullah Shah whose forefathers had come down South with Shah Wallajalah to fight for Tipu against the British?


This probable connection(however remote) of a family going South for Tipu's sake is found in Amaresh Misra's 'Fire of Grace' published 1998.


I'm sure,sir,you can provide me with positive answers to the 3 queries,so that I along with THE HINDU correspondent could do a feature story and publish the

same in all authenticity?


That way, I'm sure I'd do justice to the consuming memories of our Shahid Tipu Sultan.


Yours faithfully,


S R Krishnaswamy (