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By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)
The Last War...a Patriotic soldier's death

Very soon Tipu was able to build up his power again, paid the indemnity, and got his sons back. He intensified his contacts with the French, the Turks and the Afghans. The Nizam was also made friendly, who was made to recruit a contingent of 1400 troops under a French, Raymond, who was friendly to Tipu. Nepolean was also on the way to India to help Tipu, who had invited Zaman Shah of Afghanistan as well to help him removed the English from India. When all these plans were above to mature, destiny willed otherwise. Nepolean was defeated at Accre in Syria and forced backed to France. Zaman Shah was made to beat her hasty retreat to Kabul because of British machinations that brought about a rear action from Iran on Afghanistan wellesly forced the Nizam to disband Raymond accept a British detachment under subsidiary systems. Having finished this task he declared war on Tipu, Sending the largest English army ever assembled in India.
The Fourth Mysore war was a short affair. Keeping Tipu in false hopes, he suddenly surprised him by unacceptable demands. When Tipu refused to accept them, the English breached the fort and in a bloody encounter, fighting against heavy odds he was killed on fourth May 1799.
The last hope for the freedom of the land was
Tipu's last fight
Tipu Sultan's last fight
thus extinguished. He died a Soldier's death for the defense of the cherished values of land under spontaneous combustion of hostile forces.

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